Artwork Specifications & Submission

Submitting Artwork
Thanks to the convenience of our online file transfer module, there's no need to clog up your email to transfer electronic files to us. You can easily submit a file for your arena advertising artwork. Simply fill out the form, select your files and click ‘Send File’.

Use our file transfer system to submit your artwork files

Please ensure that your artwork files meet the Advertising Artwork Specs described below.

When submitting your files please included as much information as possible on the form including the location name (ex. Stratford Arena) and your Sales Representative’s name in the Additional Details Box.

Advertising Artwork Specs

File Formats

All files should be PC compatible unless special arrangements have been made with our artwork team. The following file types are supported; gif, tif, jpg, bmp, pdf, eps, Microsoft Office 2007 or less, CorelDraw X5 (15) or lower, Adobe Illustrator X3 or lower.


All logos, pictures and advertising layout files should be of the highest quality, ready for digital printing production. Do not reduce the dpi, size or other quality factors as it will impact the quality of your finished ad.


Logos and pictures should be, whenever possible submitted the size you require them on you ad, or larger.

Finished advertising panel are inserted into a frame that covers about half an inch of the outside edge. Please keep this in mind for layouts that go to the edge of the substrate. If you require a bleed edge you may utilize the full size but the frame may impair anything in the half-inch border.

Example: Ad size = 13" x 9½” - Viewable area = 12½" x 9”